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Principal Collaborators: Oliver Jütersonke  and Kazushige Kobayashi, with inputs from Keith Krause, Stephanie Hofmann and Moncef Kartas



In August 2014, the ILO’s Employment Policy and Partnerships and Field Support departments, through the Fragile States and Disaster Response (FSDR) Group, began a collaborative reflection process with the CCDP. The overall aim of this exercise was to stimulate constructive debate and knowledge exchange over the role and activities of the “world of work” in so-called “fragile” settings.


project outcomes

The project consisted of two phases. During the inception phase, (September 2014 to January 2015), the CCDP, in collaboration with ILO colleagues, conducted extensive interviews and group discussions with around 50 ILO staff members from the Geneva headquarters and field offices; compiled a resource basket of relevant reports and internal documents; and drafted a short internal report analysing ILO perspectives on employment and decent work in fragile settings. A subsequent Inception Report was presented at an event convened by the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform on 15 January 2015.

The second phase consisted of external consultations with government representatives, development partners, UN agencies, the private sector and other relevant societal actors. In parallel, drafts of the main deliverable, “Employment and Decent Work in Fragile Settings: A Compass to Orient the World of Work”was widely circulated for review and feedback. The publication was launched by an event of the Geneva Peace Week on 19 November 2015, featuring the Deputy General Secretary of the Secretariat of g7+ and the ILO’s Special Adviser on Labour Market Institutions and Governance.

Project Funding: The initiative enjoyed the support of the Permanent Representative of New Zealand to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, with additional financial support by the ILO and in-kind contributions by the CCDP.