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External Quality Commission of the Kooperationsgemeinschaft (KoGe)

Timeline: 2019-2022

Funding organisation: Kooperationsgemeinschaft (KoGe)

Project description

In 2019, the CCDP joined forces with the Center for Development and Cooperation (NADEL) at ETH Zurich to form the external quality commission (EQC) for a consortium of Swiss faith- and human-rights-based aid organisations. Founded in 2012, the Kooperationsgemeinschaft (KoGe) seeks to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of its members’ cooperation programmes in over  40 countries of the Global South. For their 2021-2024 programme, the nine member organisations have aligned their strategies with Sustainable Development Goal 16 (just, inclusive and peaceful societies) as well as other related SDGs.

After a first phase in 2019, during which the EQC reviewed the individual programme proposals and their fit with the joint KoGe strategy, the second phase (2021-2024) consists of supporting the KoGe in delivering and reporting against their quality standards and in setting up various aspects of its Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) system. This MEL system will be the basis for assessing its work throughout the second phase. The EQC will also contribute to identifying specific learning fields within the KoGe programme implementation that will allow for collective learning, both amongst the consortium members as well as in broader forums.

This work is based on the CCDP long-term engagement with the “SDG 16+” agenda (e.g. via the Solutions Forum 2016), and builds on the in-house expertise of senior staff members. The focal points for this project are Kimon Schneider at the NADEL and Sina Zintzmeyer at the CCDP.