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Principal Collaborators: Dennis Rodgers  and Jennifer Hazen

This project sought to address the lack of cross-country comparison in the literature on youth gangs. It was constructed around a two-day workshop, held in Geneva in 2009, that brought together individuals with an in-depth experience of primary research, with each being commissioned to write short, precise contributions on youth gangs in their context of expertise. The focus on cross-country comparison offered important opportunities to exchange information and current research findings, to build upon existing knowledge, and to debate a number of commonly held perceptions and theories.

The insights from the workshop materialised with the publication of the comparative volume Global Gangs: Street Violence Across the World. The book, published by University of Minnesota Press in 2014, is co-edited by Dennis Rodgers and Jennifer Hazen. From a comparative perspective, the authors seek to offer a greater understanding of the role of gangs in widely different contexts, rather than simply juxtapose different gang studies.

The volume Global Gangs was launched at a CCDP event held at the Graduate Institute in November 2014. 

Read more about the volume here.