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Project Description 

In January 2010, CCDP was mandated by UNICEF for the Office of the Resident Coordinator of the UN in Madagascar to conduct a Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment (PCIA). The mandate was additionally supported by the Embassies of France and Norway in Antananarivo.

In collaboration with a team of experts both in Switzerland and in Madagascar, the PCIA sought to map the effect of foreign aid and development policies onto the factors driving conflict or supporting peace in Madagascar. Avoiding normative statements about the current political crisis, the study offers guidance on the main challenges facing development programmes as well as opportunities to strengthen peace‐enhancing structures. The research focused on understanding the effects of past, present and forthcoming development strategies on institutional capacity; state, societal and human security; political and economic structures and processes; and social (re)construction and empowerment.

Project Outcomes

The results of the PCIA were disseminated at two events in Antananarivo with the diplomatic and development community. A Geneva launch was held on May 2nd, 2011. Most importantly, the report found a strong echo in New York, where it has constituted a crucial input for deliberations currently on‐going at UNDPA.

Principal Collaborator

  • Moncef Kartas