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Gender and Agriculture after Neoliberalism

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development organised an international exploratory workshop on the theme of Gender and Agriculture after Neoliberalism. This project and the issue area of Gender in Agriculture are part of the spearheads of the Graduate Institute’s “Programme on Gender and Global Change”, and part of UNRISD’s research programme on “Social Policies for Inclusive and Sustainable Development”.

The aim of the workshop was to make an inventory of literature and research on the gendered impacts of global forces, such as land-grabs and biofuel production, in agriculture. Against the presumption that development must entail a move out of agriculture, we hope to make evident the different pathways that rural development can take in a post-neoliberal context.

The proposed project drew on the expertise of scholars in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to develop a conceptual framework and a research design to build research partnerships within the frame of the Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development. The workshop was funded by SNSF and SDC.