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Negotiating an “international negotiation platform”? Exploratory talks

Jerome Bellion-Jourdan, Senior Fellow in Residence, the Graduate Institute
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Auditorium A2, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

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Geneva is a global hub of negotiation, working round the clock across sectors, from multilateral negotiations in various fora in the United Nations, to negotiations and mediations for specific peace processes, to the World Trade Organization or trading in commodities. Yet, these different worlds rarely interconnect. 

The idea of an “international negotiation platform” was launched in September 2019, at the World Negotiation Day. As we mark 100 years of multilateralism and reflect on the future of global cooperation, it has generated much interest. To explore this proposal further, negotiators and interested parties from international organizations, governments, business and civil society are invited to an informal round of “exploratory talks”.  

In an interactive format of “exploratory talks” on the objectives, functions and format of an “international negotiation platform”, participants from all sectors and regions are invited to make a short “opening bid” which could cover the following issues (a paper with “Draft guiding questions” is attached): 

•    Would you support the idea of establishing an “international negotiation platform”?
•    What would be your interests/objectives in establishing such a platform?
•    What activities/functions could such a platform perform?
•    If appropriate, what would be your “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement” in case the negotiation of a platform is not successful? 


The event will be kicked off and moderated by Jerome Bellion-Jourdan, former European Union negotiator and Senior Fellow in Residence at the Graduate Institute’s Global Governance Centre. It will largely rely on contributions by and interaction among participants that will inform possible next steps. To allow the talks to be as creative as possible, the event will be held under Chatham House rule.

Coffee and croissants will be served before the event from 8.30 to 9.00 at the Hall of Petal 2.

Draft guiding questions