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United Nations Sanctions and Mediation Project (SMP)

  • Project leads: Thomas Biersteker, Rebecca Brubaker, David Lanz
  • Timeline: March 2017 – November 2018
  • Funding organisation: Swiss Confederation
United Nations Sanctions and Mediation


Mediation and United Nations sanctions are two essential policy instruments used by the UN in its efforts to prevent and resolve conflict. Yet relatively little is known about when and whether these tools work well together or work poorly.

This project pursues two main objectives:

  • To create a better understanding of the inter-linkages between sanctions and mediation and in particular of the conditions under which the two interventions complement each other.
  • To bring the two expert communities together to interrogate jointly when and how these tools should be deployed and how coordination can be improved

The project constitutes a first step in a long overdue effort to establish guidance for better practice in the application of UN sanctions and mediation.


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swiss peace


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