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Digital Colonialism: A Discussion

Ulises Mejias, Nomtika Mjwana, Daniel Otzoy, Sharifah Sekalala
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This event is organised as part of the Open Global Health Event Series and the Digital Health Week.

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With digital health booming, how do historical inequalities shape new partnerships between high-income and low-and-middle-income countries? A growing movement to decolonise global health is causing many to critically reexamine the geopolitics, financial flows, and power relations that underpin contemporary development cooperation, including what Couldry and Mejias (2019) call "data colonialism". This roundtable discussion, part of the Open Global Health series and the Transform Health Coalition's Digital Health Week, convenes leading thinkers to explore current inequalities shaping digital health, and imagine alternative futures.



  • Ulises A. Mejias, Professor and Director, Institute for Global Engagement, State University of New York
  • Nomtika Mjwana, Project Manager, Digital Health Rights, Global Network of People Living with HIV
  • Daniel Otzoy, Co-founder and Executive Director, Central American Health Informatics Network
  • Sharifah Sekalala, Reader, School of Law, University of Warwick
  • Sara (Meg) Davis, Senior researcher, Digital Health and Rights Project, Global Health Centre
  • Mandy Govender, Business Development Manager, Transform Health Coalition


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