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08 October 2020

Open Global Health Event Series

Global health is at a turning point. Global health agencies founded in the late twentieth century are faced with challenges that were not foreseen in the wake of World War II. In addition to multiple ongoing pandemics, with the near certainty of other pandemics to come in the future, global health agencies must contend with the growing displacement and ill-health linked to climate change; with economic volatility, growing income inequality, the rise of populism, the spread of "fake news" through globally networked technologies, and other destabilising political forces.

Multilateralism itself is increasingly called into question: by countries competing to obtain essential medical products and future vaccines, while contending over the structure and the very existence of the World Health Organization; by civil society groups demanding a more meaningful voice in decision-making processes; by science skeptics and anti-vaxxers. New forms of mobilisation insist on structural change: from Black Lives Matter, to the #metoo movement, to calls to decolonise global health, and growing public concerns about income inequality.

How can global health steer a path forward in an unpredictable terrain? To develop new and better solutions, global health agencies have to engage in open and frank discussions. The Open Global Health series brings together prominent international experts for a provocative and forward-looking set of conversations about power, inequality, decolonising global health, and the challenges of transparency and accountability.

This event series will focus on three core principles of open global health:

OPEN AND TRANSPARENT GLOBAL HEALTH GOVERNANCE : Our discussions will openly address hidden influences in global health: from how foreign policy agendas of high-income donor countries shape priorities in health finance; to the power exercised by private foundations, consulting firms, and technical assistance providers from the Global North on health policies in the Global South.

OPEN ACCESS TO INFORMATION, MEDICINES AND MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES : We will analyse the role of information on access to vaccines, medicines and medical products, as well as pricing, pharmaceutical innovation, procurement procedures and supply chains.

OPEN GLOBAL HEALTH GOVERNANCE TO GREATER INCLUSIVITY AND DECOLONISATION : The series will explore how determinants such as racism, sexism, socioeconomic class and neocolonialism intersect to shape ill health and affect fundamental human rights and dignity.

Open Global Health


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