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Winnie Byanyima

The Inequality Pandemic: A conversation with Winnie Byanyima

Winnie Byanyima
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Open Global Health Event Series

Online Event, 4pm CET

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A viral video from the Cost of Inequality panel at the World Economic Forum in 2019 made waves when economist Rutger Bregman and Winnie Byanyima eloquently voiced frustration at elite participants who spoke about philanthropy while avoiding the topic of tax justice and worker rights. Two years later, the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the magnitude of global income inequality and how this shapes access to health care for those most marginalised. Join us for a frank conversation with Winnie Byanyima, now Executive Director of UNAIDS about what has changed and what has not in inequality and global health.



  • Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director, UNAIDS
  • Moderator: Meg Davis, Senior Researcher & Special Advisor, Global Health Centre


Open Global Health Event Series