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Global Health Media: Raconteurs, Provocateurs, Gate-keepers?

Julia Belluz, Seye Abimbola, Siân Bowen
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Open Global Health Event Series

Online Event, 10am CET

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What is the role of media in the global health ecosystem? Why do some topics make it to the headlines, while others don’t? Reporters and editors have the power to shape the global health agenda by covering topics that are neglected or taboo. But they can also act as gatekeepers, determining which ideas break through the competition for attention. In this third event of the Open Global Health series, Julia Belluz, Senior Health Correspondent at Vox, and Seye Abimbola, Editor in Chief of BMJ Global Health will engage in an open conversation on the power and limits of the media as a governor in global health. The discussion will be moderated by Siân Bowen, Communications Manager at the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies.




  • Julia Belluz, Senior Health Correspondent, VOX
  • Seye Abimbola, Editor in Chief, BMJ Global Health; Senior Lecturer in Public Health, University of Sydney
  • Moderated by Siân Bowen, Communications Manager, Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies


Open Global Health Event Series