Pamela Ohene-Nyako

Black-European Women’s Internationalism against Racism and Sexism, 1968-2001

Pamela Ohene-Nyako
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The aim of this intervention will be to present the intermediary results of Pamela Ohene-Nyako's PhD research which examines Black-European women’s adherence to and production of internationalism in the context of their contestation of racism and sexism in Western Europe.

Ohene-Nyako focuses on women based in Great-Britain, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium. The period of analysis ranges from the late 1960s to the early 2000s, which corresponds to the height of antiracist, anti-imperialist, and women’s social movements in the 1960s up to the European and UN conferences against racism respectively in 2000 and 2001. This timeframe enables Ohene-Nyako to consider the practices and discourses of generations of Black women born during or after the Second World War, who resided in Europe, and who mobilised against racism and sexism, as they manifested in their respective contexts. Through an analysis of the documents they have produced (or which mention them), in addition to interviews, she seeks to understand the forms that their internationalism took, but also the reasons why they embraced such ideas and practices, as well as the outcome of their internationalism on their articulations of racism and sexism, and on their collective identities.


About the speaker

Pamela Ohene-Nyako is a 3nd-year PhD student and teaching assistant at the University of Geneva. Her research focuses on Black-European women’s internationalism in the late twentieth century, and she has released two peer-reviewed articles: The Heart of the Race: Black women contesting British imperialism and whiteness (Dutch Journal of Gender Studies, 2018), and Black Women’s Transnational Activism and the World Council of Churches (Open Cultural Studies, 2019). She is also a contributor to the book Black Feminism in Europe edited by A. Emejulu and F. Sobande (2019) and the founder of the literary platform Afrolitt’.


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