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Book Launch: International Trade Law and Global Data Governance

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Room S8, Maison de la paix, Geneva

This open-access book examines how international trade agreements apply to domestic regulations on cross-border data flows and then proposes a multilayered framework to align international trade law with evolving norms and practices in global data governance.

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Digital trade and global data governance are at a unique crossroads, raising significant policy challenges. International Trade Law and Global Data Governance: Aligning Perspectives and Practices (Bloomsbury, 2024) focuses on five policy areas at the interface of digital trade and global data governance: privacy, cybersecurity, governmental access to data, data divide, and competition. In five separate chapters, the book analyses how different types of domestic laws in each of these policy areas interface with existing provisions in international trade law. Thereafter, each of these chapters explores the challenges and possibilities for aligning international trade law with evolving norms, standards and best practices in that specific area of data regulation, both at the domestic and transnational level.

Drawing upon these findings, the final chapter proposes a multilayered framework for aligning international trade law with evolving norms and practices in global data governance. The key message of the book is that international trade law can and should meaningfully align with and contribute to the development of transnational data governance norms and practices. It can also foster robust regulatory cooperation among various stakeholders of the digital economy.

As the book offers a broad perspective on the significance of digital trade rules in a datafied world, it will benefit scholars, practitioners and policymakers working on digital trade and data regulation, helping its readers explore fresh avenues in the future development of digital trade rules.

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Neha Mishra is Assistant Professor in the International Law department of the Geneva Graduate Institute. She researches international legal issues in the digital economy, focusing on international economic law, data flows/governance, and digital trade, and the interface of trade law and emerging digital technologies. She is a qualified  lawyer in India and the UK, and has  previously worked with law firms and technology companies in the UK, India, and Singapore. She holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in law and public policy and a PhD in law from Melbourne Law School.


Amy Stuart, Director, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Government of Australia

Emmanuelle Ganne, Senior Analyst, Economics Research Department, Word Trade Organization (WTO)

Marilia Maciel, Head Digital Commerce and Internet Policy, Diplo Foundation



James Hollway,  Co-Director, Global Governance Centre and Associate Professor, International Relations/Political Science, Geneva Graduate Institute.



A light lunch will be offered before the event, in front of room S8.


This event is co-hosted by the Global Governance Centre, the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration and the International Law Department.

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