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DAY 5: Platforms, Joint Programmes, and more

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4th floor of Petal 2, Maison de la paix, Geneva

Curious about all those other joint programmes, platforms, joint centres and initiatives that you've heard about at the Institute?  Come and chat with them at the fab. Their staff/ affiliated researchers and students will be more than happy to share their work, objectives and plans for the year ahead.

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The platforms for cooperation supported by Switzerland aim to strengthen exchanges and synergies between actors in international Geneva. They promote joint reflection and action by international organizations, permanent missions, the academic world, civil society and the private sector in key thematic areas of the Geneva ecosystem. The Graduate Institute hosts four such platforms:


The Institute provides commissioned expertise and applied research for a number of international organisations and governments, in particular the Swiss government, through associated programmes:

Target Initiatives:

Our world is changing and our university model is in transition. The complex issues of this redefining environment create an opportunity for an in-depth reflection on the Institute’s raison d’être. Our shared vision is that of an Institute that projects itself as a melting pot of diverse communities open to the world and committed to a peaceful world built on a foundation of equity and sustainability. Our three target initiatives aim to drive these reflections further:


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