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Diligence is Due: Fair Recruitment Now

Mr. Eddy Stam, Ms. Ruth Hopkins, Mr. Jamie Williamson, Ms. Alix Nasri, Moderator: Prof. D.E.Degila
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Maison de la Paix, Auditorium A2 and online

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Panel Discussion organised by the  Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Initiative and the Global Migration Centre

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No recruitment fees or related costs should be charged to, or otherwise borne by, recruited workers and jobseekers."
International Labour Organisation (2019)

Diligence is Due: Fair Recruitment Now


Since April 2021, a group of students at the Graduate Institute, Geneva has been engaged in a research collaboration with UNI Global Union, researching the recruitment practices of G4S in Qatar. Our data collection, including surveys with 30 former and current G4S Qatar security guards as well as interviews with G4S-affiliated recruitment agencies in Kenya and Nepal, has provided evidence that migrant workers are charged with a significant amount of recruitment fees in order to work for G4S in Qatar. While Qatar has outlawed the collection of recruitment fees by companies and recruitment agencies, this unfair practice remains common in countries of origin, beyond the jurisdiction of Qatar.

In collaboration with the Global Migration Centre and the Human Rights, Conflict and Peace Initiative, we will present our research results and host a panelist discussion at the Diligence is Due: Fair Recruitment Now forum.

We will discuss the role of international legal instruments and its implications on foreign labour recruitment practices worldwide.

Join us in person on the 6th of December for opportunities to interact with the researchers and guest panelists!



Prof. Dêlidji Eric Degila, Professor of Practice, Interdisciplinary Programmes and International Relations/Political Science,  Faculty Associate, Global Migration Centre, Centre



Mr. Eddy Stam (UNI Global Union)

Ms. Ruth Hopkins (investigative journalist and published author)

Mr. Jamie Williamson (International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers’ Association) 

Ms. Alix Nasri (International Labour Organization)