CCDP Research Seminar
Luisa Lobato CCDP

Entangling apps and in/security governance in/of the Global South

Luisa Cruz Lobato
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This event is part of the CCDP's Research Seminar Series hosted and organized by Janine Bressmer (Doc.CH Fellow at the CCDP), with the support of Maëlys Glück (Research Assistant at the CCDP). 

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Seminar description

This paper offers an empirical contribution to debates around digital politics in security studies by looking at the role of apps in Global South security governance. Drawing from 2 and a half-year long fieldwork with security apps, I contend that such politics cannot be disentangled from the contexts in which things like apps are developed and operate. I ground this claim on the case of Fogo Cruzado, an app that uses crowdsourcing to map armed violence in the Brazilian capitals of Rio de Janeiro and Recife, and weaves through stories of how it makes (sense of) and (re)compose violence and in/security in and of such contexts. Inspired by Barad’s (2007) notion of intra-action, I argue that security governance cannot be disentangled from the things that govern nor from the contexts that shape them.


about the speaker

Luisa is currently a PhD candidate in International Relations at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and holds a MA degree in International Relations by the same institution. Her MA thesis approached the role of markets in producing cyber (in)security through practices of advertising, framing threats and building risk-compositions. Her doctoral research currently investigates the use of applications, most known as “apps”, in the governance of security in the Global South. She takes a transdisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of critical security studies, science and technology studies, feminist studies, philosophy of science, media studies, sociology of quantification and critical postcolonial theories. She is also member of the Núcleo de Estudos sobre Práticas de Produção de Conhecimento (NEPraC), under the Laboratory of Methodology of PUC-Rio and of the DATAS - Research Network on Data, Technocontrol, Authority and Subjectivity. Luisa has also worked as researcher in the Cyber Security and Digital Liberties program at the Igarapé Institute, where she has conducted research to inform the formulation of digital policies in Brazil, engaging with government, civil society and corporate representatives.


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