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Indonesia in “3D”: Development, Dictatorship and Democracy

Jean-Luc Maurer, Gerry Rodgers, Wening Udasmoro
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The Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy is pleased to announce the publication of the book Indonésie: l'envol mouvementé du Garuda : développement, dictature et démocratie (Graduate Institute Publications, 2021) authored by Jean-Luc Maurer.

Through the emblematic case of Indonesia, the book unravels the dynamics of development, understood as the global process of change resulting in a nation’s economic, social, political and cultural transformation. Building on Jean-Luc Maurer’s decade-long work, it represents an important contribution to the francophone scholarship on development studies on the one hand, and on democracy studies on the other hand – two research streams that are brought together in a Hirschmanian fashion.

The emblematic nature of the case study is not only linked to the fact that Indonesia started from a very low level of development and has reached a certain degree of success in this domain but also to the complex and ambiguous relation that this process has entertained with dictatorship and democracy, the two political regimes between which the country has wavered since independence.

The analysis of the relationship in “3D” between development, dictatorship and democracy constitutes the connecting thread of the book and will provide the basis for the discussion among panellists.



Jean-Luc Maurer, Honorary Professor and Faculty Affiliate, Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy

Gerry Rodgers, Visiting Professor, Institute for Human Development, New Delhi, and Former Director of the International Institute for Labour Studies

Wening Udasmoro, Professor of Gender and Literature and Dean of the Fakultas Ilmu Budaya, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia



Shalini Randeria, Professor of anthropology and sociology and Director of the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy


Read an interview with Jean-Luc Maurer on his book HERE.




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