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Regulating the Internet to Support Democracy

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Auditorium A2 of the Maison de la Paix 


On February 27, at 10am, at Auditorium A2 of the Maison de la paix, the project "Infrastructuring Democracy: The Regulatory Politics of Digital Code, Content, and Circulation" (SNSF/CNPq) (Geneva Graduate Institute, PUC-Rio, The University of Edinburgh) will host the public panel "Regulating the Internet to Protect Democracy". In this event, experts and practitioners will discuss how to regulate digital infrastructures to ensure that they sustain and bolster democratic forms of politics. The panel will be held in English. 

Polarization. Racism and misogyny. Radicalization and militarization. These are qualifications often associated with digital politics. Their generation through the strategic manipulation of the internet for commercial and political purposes have been amply discussed. So have the role of Trolls, BOTs, Al and algorithmic designs, as well as the political economy of attention whose effects exceed intentions and strategies. The public and regulators alike have become amply aware of the connection between online processes and democratic politics. Regulatory initiatives have therefore flourished around them. In this panel, we will discuss how such initiatives might be taken further, by asking how to regulate digital infrastructures to ensure that they sustain and bolster democratic forms of politics.


• Alexander Barclay (State of Geneva)
• Anna Leander (Geneva Graduate Institute, IR/PS)
• Azin Tadjdini (UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights)
• Jérôme Duberry (Geneva Graduate Institute, TechHub)

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