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REPLACING GDP BY 2030: Towards a common language for the well-being and sustainability community

Rutger Hoekstra, Author of “Replacing GDP by 2030” , Founder of MetricsForTheFuture.com
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Rutger Hoekstra will be introducing his book “Replacing GDP by 2030”. 

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How did Gross domestic product (GDP) become the world's most influential indicator? Why does it still remain the primary measure of societal progress despite being widely criticised for not considering well-being or sustainability? Why have the many beyond-GDP alternatives not managed to effectively challenge GDP's dominance?

The success of GDP and the failure of beyond-GDP lies in their underlying communities. The macro-economic community emerged in the aftermath of the Great Depression and WWII. This community formalised their 'language' in the System of National Accounts (SNA) which provided the global terminology with which to communicate. On the other hand, beyond-GDP is a heterogeneous community which speaks in many dialects, accents and languages. Unless this changes, the 'beyond-GDP cottage industry' will never beat the 'GDP-multinational'. Rutger Hoekstra will present his roadmap to 2030, detailing how to create a multidisciplinary policy science which is based on a common accounting framework.

Rutger has nearly 20 years of experience working on the quantification of value, well-being and sustainability from an academic, government, statistical and business perspectives. He has worked with/for the United Nations, OECD, World Bank, European Commission, European Central Bank, various ministries, NGO’s and large companies to create better metrics for society. He is currently a private consultant (@ MetricsForTheFuture.com) working for the World Bank, UN, universities and others.

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