International Geneva Luncheon
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SDGs, Quantification, and the Production of Expertise

Sotiria Grek, University of Edinburgh
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Petal 1 - room S5, Maison de la Paix

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Through an examination of some of the key actors that have become central to global governance over the last decades, this presentation will focus on the processes that influence and steer the production of "expert knowledge", the knowledge that is considered as relevant, valid and authoritative for the making of global governance. The presentation will document changes to how expert knowledge is produced today: it will argue that, at least in the field of global sustainability governance, we see concerted efforts to produce expert knowledge that is both contextual and universal; that is heavily influenced by economics; that mixes technocratic and political accountability; that creates data markets, and that sees brokerage and consensus-making as the ultimate goals in an increasingly polarised and uncertain post-pandemic world.



Sotiria Grek, Professor in European and Global Education Governance, University of Edinburgh



Agi Veres,  Director of the UNDP Office in Geneva



Annabelle Littoz-Monnet, Professor, International Relations/Political Science and Director of the Global Governance Centre, the Graduate Institute


This event is part of the Global Governance Centre's International Geneva Luncheon seminar series, a forum for select senior-level managers and policy practitioners of Geneva-based international organizations to discuss current global challenges, together with leading international scholars of governance. The International Geneva Luncheons are co-organized with the United Nations Office at Geneva and supported by the City and Canton of Geneva.

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This is a closed event, by invitation only.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to indoor public events is limited to attendees with a Swiss or European COVID certificate. In addition, face masks must be worn to all in-person events at the Graduate Institute.