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The US Elections: End of an Era?

David Sylvan, Professor of International Relations/Political Science
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After an extraordinary year, the United States is hurtling toward the 2020 elections. Arguably, these may be the most important elections in memory, not only for the US itself but for the world as a whole.

Will the Democrats, from Biden to congressional candidates, be able to put Trumpism behind them, or will at least the Senate, if not the White House itself, continue in Republican hands?

This Lunch Briefing will begin with a quick tour d’horizon on the trends for the presidential race and the two houses of Congress, followed by a discussion on the implications of different scenarios for policy-making, and end with questions from the audience.

David Sylvan is Professor of International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute.
He is a specialist on foreign policy analysis, political economy, and methodology. His current research projects concern democracy and national security, and how news media interpret policy announcements by state agencies.