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18 January 2024

An In-Depth Discussion on AI Geopolitical Implications at Davos

As part of the 2024 World Economic Forum, the Geneva Graduate Institute hosted a conference on “AI Geopolitical Implications for Business, Government, and Society” at AI House Davos on 16 January.

The Geneva Graduate Institute, via its Tech Hub, was invited to organise a conference, focusing on “AI Geopolitical Implications for Business, Government, and Society” at the AI House in Davos on Tuesday 16 January.

The discussion was driven by three MINT students, Yaqin Zhang, Vibhaa Sreedharan, and Tobias Schaub, who asked our four distinguished speakers about the geopolitical risks and opportunities of AI developments for businesses, governments and civil society. One after another, Doreen Bogdan-Martin (Secretary-General - International Telecommunication Union), Brad Smith (Vice Chair and President – Microsoft), Amandeep Gill (Under-Secretary-General, UN Tech Envoy) and Marie-Laure Salles (Director of The Geneva Graduate Institute) shared their insights and expertise on this key topic, in front of a highly engaged audience. The depth and breadth of the conversation were truly remarkable, and we could have continued for much longer, given the audience's enthusiasm and curiosity.

To know more about everything the Institute is doing around AI, please visit the webpage gathering our projects and research.

AI Geopolitical Implications for Business, Government, and Society | AI House Davos 2024