Centre for International Environmental Studies
14 April 2021

Leave the dead (trees) alone? Revisiting the ongoing controversy over the Białowieża forest

Dario Piselli's latest blog post on EIEL

In March 2021, the Polish government announced an update of the logging quotas contained in the management plan for the Białowieża forest in eastern Poland, parts of which are variably protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Natura 2000 site, and a national park by virtue of the area hosting one of the last primeval lowland forests in the European continent, as well as Europe’s largest free-roaming population of the European bison (Bison bonasus).

Dario Piselli, PhD candidate in International Law at the Graduate Institute and affiliated researcher at CIES, is the Programme Manager of the Jean Monnet Module in European and International Environmental Law and an independent sustainability consultant. He recently published a post on the blog of 'European and International Environmental Law (EIEL)' on the recent announcement by the Government of Poland, relating to logging activities in the protected Białowieża forest and you can access to the blog post here (or here: