Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy
07 September 2021

A new podcast for researchers, by researchers

The interdisciplinary and cutting-edge work of AHCD’s researchers is the focus of its new bi-weekly podcast.

What does research on democracy in the 21st century look like? How can we study a political system that is under constant challenge? For years, the Albert Hirschman Centre for Democracy has pioneered a collaborative approach that draws on the views of its namesake – Albert O. Hirschman – and now shares it with listeners in podcast form.

Transgressing disciplinary and academic boundaries to bring new takes on democratic practices, the Research at the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy (RAHCD) podcast invites members of its interdisciplinary team of 40 scholars to reflect on their fieldwork, their methods and readings, and the meaning of democracy. Its audio form is a nod to the concept of ‘voice’ in Hirschman’s famed 1970 book Exit, Voice, and Loyalty, which might just be central to understanding current democratic practices. The episodes cut across the Centre’s three core thematic pillars, and each feature a guest in conversation with a team member.

Join us every two weeks for a new episode and a fresh approach on democratic rule, research, and experiences. Listen to the trailer below, and subscribe now!


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Episode 1: Luca Meldolesi, hosted by AHCD Executive Director Christine Lutringer (7 September 2021) 

Theme: Discovering the Possible: The surprising world of Albert Hirschman


This podcast series is produced by the Graduate Institute’s Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy.