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23 February 2021

New Resource on Covid-19 Vaccine Access

The Covid-19 pandemic has driven extraordinary scientific efforts to develop effective and safe vaccines. With several vaccines being distributed and dozens of candidates in late-stage development, countries are concluding purchasing and manufacturing agreements with pharmaceutical companies to immunise their populations. In order to shed light on which countries may get access to which vaccine, at what prices and when, the Global Health Centre recently published an open dataset on Covid-19 vaccine purchasing and manufacturing arrangements. This new resource tracks and analyses publicly available data on agreements to manufacture, purchase, supply and/or donate Covid-19 vaccines.

This resource page offers data on agreements for 16 vaccines (or vaccine candidates), and 63 countries or territories, the African Union, the European Union, and COVAX. Many high-income countries have now secured enough doses to cover their populations twice over, but most other countries have only secured doses to cover less than 50% of their populations. Bilateral agreements struck by high income countries have secured 3.68 doses/capita, while for upper-middle income countries the figure is 0.47 doses/capita, and lower-middle income countries 0.129 doses/capita. Low-income countries have bilaterally secured only 0.03 doses/capita, however, in recent weeks, some countries have begun to donate vaccine doses to other countries, either from their purchased stocks or from domestically produced vaccines. Shipments from COVAX, scheduled to begin in the coming weeks, are also expected to increase coverage in recipient countries.

In most cases, there is little transparency on key terms and conditions of these agreements. For example, price data was only available for one out of five purchases.

As the situation continues to evolve, the data will be updated and made publicly-available every 1-2 weeks. Complete the following form to receive update notifications.

Anna Bezruki is lead Researcher for this resource, with important contributions from Surabhi Agarwal, Adrián Alonso Ruiz, Marcela Vieira and Suerie Moon.

COVID-19 Vaccine Purchasing & Manufacturing Arrangements

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