Centre for Finance and Development
09 November 2020

Private Asset Impact Fund Report 2020

A new report analyses over 150 investment funds targeting emerging and frontier markets with a development impact focus.

The first edition of the Private Asset Impact Fund Report survey (PAIF), published by Symbiotics on 29 October 2020, paints the most comprehensive analysis on the impact fund ecosystem, with a focus on private asset strategies targeting emerging and frontier markets.

The report captures over two-thirds of this market estimated at USD 33 billion and sheds light on the business model of private asset impact funds (PAIFs), including their balance sheet structure, investment instruments, investee type, geography of investments, investor composition, risk, return and impact performance. The study also offers multi-year analysis on microfinance funds, dating back to 2006.

The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO is supporting this reference transparency and benchmarking report for 2020 and 2021. Starting in 2021, the survey will be performed through a new company, Canopy Impact Fund Solutions.

Download the Private Asset Impact Fund Report 2020 (PDF, 7.28 MB)
Download the Highlights and Summary Presentation (PDF, 3.26 MB)


Impact Investing at The Graduate Institute

On 8 October 2019, the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Finance and Development organised a joint event with Symbiotics and Bamboo Capital Partners on Switzerland at the Heart of SDG Financing. The panels discussed the “history, landscape and perspectives for Swiss-based impact fund managers” and “improving the role of Swiss impact investors in financing the SDGs”.
Speakers included Angela de Wolff (CEO, Conser), Frédéric Berney (SSF Impact Investing Workgroup Leader), Jean-Philippe de Schrevel (CEO, Bamboo Capital), Liliana de Sá (Head of the Private Sector Development Division, SECO), Maria Teresa Zappia (CIO, BlueOrchard), Paul Hailey (Head Impact, responsAbility), Roland Dominicé (CEO, Symbiotics), Thierry Buchs (Head of Policy, Obviam), Marcus Rothen (Head Financial Affairs Section, Directorate of Political Affairs, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs), and Audrey Selian (Director Artha Initiative, Rianta Capital Zurich).

Impact investing is one of the areas of focus of the Centre for Finance and Development. The Centre also co-organises an Executive Education course on SDG Investing for professionals in the field.