Student Award
22 April 2020

Student wins the 2020 James Crawford Prize

Ana Bernardino has been awarded the 2020 James Crawford for her forthcoming article in the Journal of International Dispute Settlement titled ‘The Discursive Construction of Facts in International Adjudication’.

The Prize Committee, comprising among others, distinguished scholars such as Anne van Aaken and Karen Alter, found that her article “exhibits strong craftsmanship to an impressive degree”, that it is “well researched, and written with elegance”, and “foundational in all the senses of the term”, and described it as “fascinating”, “interdisciplinary, thought provoking and well written”, “excellent both in terms of rigour and significance” and “analytical and intellectually precise, while dealing with complex concepts”. This is a great achievement all the more so because the prize had never been awarded before to a PhD candidate, and as a matter of fact, was never conceived with young or aspiring scholars in mind.


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Keywords: International Law; International Law Students