International Economics
21 February 2022

The Swiss Lab for Sustainable Finance: PhD Research on Sustainable Finance

The Swiss Lab for Sustainable Finance offers the opportunity to research Sustainable Finance under both PhD Programmes.

The Swiss Lab for Sustainable Finance is a multistakeholder and transdisciplinary research center that aims to advance sustainable finance research and practice focusing on financing the SDG goals, impact measurement and ESG regulation, and will produce research that can be applied to their fulfillment. The Lab will train the next generation of social scientists in sustainable finance. We encourage applications to research in this area under the two PhD programmes we offer:


  • International Economics: ESG is on the top of the agendas of central banks, regulators as well as financial firms globally. Climate risks and climate policies will increasingly affect economies and financial markets. Policy makers need to understand these effects on distribution, growth and inflation among others. The interaction between climate, monetary, financial and fiscal policies will be key research topics for the foreseeable future ;


  • Development Economics: Sustainable development is on top of the agenda of international organizations and governments as well as a growing area of investment in the financial sector. Finance is key to achieving these goals. Open research questions relate to measurement of impact, the development of markets for sustainable finance, the interaction between environment and society, and the effect of finance on well-being, inequality, and inclusion.