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04 March 2022

A Week Dedicated to Female Pleasure

From 7-11 March, students from the Feminist Collective initiative are hosting Female Pleasure Awareness Week at the Geneva Graduate Institute.

What is Female Pleasure Awareness Week about?

The female pleasure pleasure awareness week is about creating spaces for the female pleasure to be discussed and given a platform to be explored. Female pleasure is a topic that is often not spoken about in the public sphere and is confined in the private sphere.

However, through this week-long event, the Feminist Collective aims to create a fun and interactive atmosphere where individuals are able to learn about female pleasure while being eligible to win gifts.

Why did the Feminist Collective feel this was an important subject to bring to light?

In our society, male sexual satisfaction is most of the time the norm and female pleasure seems to be optional. The collective saw that this was a subject that should not be confined in the private sphere. Pleasure is a topic that should not be taboo but rather a conversation that allows for awareness and recognition that female pleasure is important.

What are some outcomes you hope to have from the event?

Overall, for individuals to have fun and win amazing giveaways. We also want to start a practice in which there becomes a level of comfortability first for exploring one’s own sexuality and pleasure, and second to give the incentive to open up dialogue on it amongst friends and partners.

How does the Feminist Collective contribute to the larger discussion/action on gender equality?

The Feminist Collective is the feminist voice at the Institute. The initiative aims to raise awareness on gender equality and critiques global affairs through an intersectional feminist lens. Hence, we are a group of people who are fighting for gender justice starting from our own little community.

Our main goal is to provide a safe and caring environment in which diverse voices are heard and appreciated. We focus on creating spaces where students at the Graduate Institute can critically engage with the discourse around gender equality and equity.

In sum, our initiative is about making visible the stories and lives that are often forgotten, ignored or silenced by a widespread western-cis-heterosexist normativity.

Female Pleasure Awareness Week Programme