Claire Somerville


Executive Director of the Gender Centre
Spoken languages
Areas of expertise
  • Gender and Health
  • Feminism
  • Intersectionality
  • Inequalities
  • Political, economic and social impact of digital technologies


Mardi | Tuesday 12:00-14:00



PhD, University of Cambridge

Claire Somerville joined the Geneva Graduate Institute in 2012 and has taught courses on gender, global health, qualitative and mixed methods approaches to research, and applied research in environment and sustainability, gender, race, and diversity.

Claire studied anthropology at the University of Sussex, SOAS, and completed her doctoral research at St John’s College, University of Cambridge before going on to post-doctoral research and teaching at the University of Newcastle, Australia; Queen Mary, London; and, Trinity College Dublin. 

Her research critically examines the circulation and transformations of knowledge(s) between global processes and local contexts bridging theory, policy, and practice in gender, health, and digitalization.

Research grants and projects include studies on diagnostic taxonomies, risk and body politics; the double burden of disease in Mozambique, Nepal and Peru; unmet health needs of LGBTQ communities, and the rise of non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. More recently, she has developed research and pedagogical activities on digital gender gaps and the role of applied research and navigating policy-world decision-making.

Claire serves on the Policy and Practice Committee of the Royal Anthropology Institute and numerous advisory and expert groups on gender and health across the UN and International Organizations.



  • Handkivsky, O., Somerville, C Mandahar, M. 2022. Prioritizing non-communicable diseases at the intersections: global action in the Canadian context. (Eds.) Morrow, M., Hankivsky, O., Varcoe, C. Women’s Health Canada. University of Toronto Press.