Our students

Rigorously selected, our students are intellectually curious, culturally open and driven by the ambition to take on the challenges of today’s world. They come from over 100 countries, have different backgrounds and cultivate many interests. The Graduate Institute offers them a cosmopolitan environment in which they will learn from each other about their diverse cultures and traditions and share a common passion for the planet’s future.

Why our students come to the Graduate Institute

Our students choose the Institute for several reasons:

  • Its location in the heart of International Geneva
  • Its international reputation for academic excellence
  • Its continuously updated curriculum, which helps provide the best conditions for professional opportunities and development
  • Its teaching based on independent and innovative research
  • Its international exchange programmes with universities across the world
  • Its policy of bilingualism, allowing students to express themselves in French or English
  • Its wide range of workshops on skills that are essential for an international career

A unique student experience

Studying at the Institute marks a student's life because it offers:

  • The experience of an institution on a human scale, where students and teachers work closely together

  • The experience of a cosmopolitan community (around 100 nationalities), where a global network and lasting friendships are formed

  • The experience of a vibrant intellectual community, with shared interests in international and development issues

  • The experience of academic rigour applied to concrete problems, drawing on International Geneva’s many opportunities (work experience, research report writing) and  thus establishing a firm foundation for a successful international career

Follow in a Student's Footsteps

An excellent preparation for working in all three sectors of activity

Studies at the Graduate Institute are designed to provide a strong capacity for global analysis and strategic thinking. This enables students – particularly at the PhD level – to develop high-level expertise, making them well-equipped to work in one of the following fields or at their interfaces:

  • International cooperation, notably in national administrations working on international issues (ministries of foreign affairs, trade, economy, health, central banks, etc.), and intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations
  • International business, notably in multinational corporations, the finance sector, law firms, consulting and public relations agencies
  • Analysis of global issues, notably in academic institutions, think tanks, international foundations or the media

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