Diversity Month

November is Diversity Month at the Graduate Institute

What is diversity? What does it mean to an individual? What does it mean for the collective? How is it constructed? It would appear that how diversity is viewed and understood is, in itself, diverse. 

Diversity Month is a time to take a deeper look into diversity's different facets. The Director of the Graduate Institute, along with Institute faculty, lend their voices to the construction and meaning of diversity in a series of thought-provoking articles. The Institute and the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA) are holding workshops that explore the meaning of diversity and inclusiveness. Students and student initiatives have also been proactively working on diversity through online and offline activities. It is with this spirit of action and solidarity that real universal inclusion can be achieved. 


Diversity is a human reality. It can be ignored, oppressed, celebrated, second nature, but it always exists. Diversity is what makes us, “us”. What ethnicity, what sexuality, what gender identity, what language we speak, what political preferences, what bodies we carry, what religion. In summary, diversity is a given, inclusion is the answer.

Taking measures towards inclusion in our lives removes oppressive barriers that sometimes appear innocent so that each person’s diversity can shine through, be honoured, be equal.

Most times, a path towards inclusion requires a lot of inward focus, personal betterment and reconciliation. Other times, inclusion efforts find themselves in working groups, activism and institutional (re)imagining and restructuring.

While sometimes inclusivity can feel like a painstaking effort, it’s always worth it because not only are more people supported and respected in the process, but then we can truly delight in the diversity of our fellow humans.

Let’s view the Graduate Institute’s diversity month as a “working month”, to imagine and reimagine how our spaces can be more inclusive.