5–year Concurrent BA/MA Programme

The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and its partners in China and Japan have established a programme that will enable a small number of students to complete a bachelor's (BA) from their respective university and a master's (MA) from the Graduate Institute in five years, instead of the typical six years.

Only students nominated by the following Graduate Institute partner institutions are eligible to apply:

how it works

Students nominated from our partner universities in China and Japan will spend the first three years of their BA at their home institution; they will then be able to complete their BA (fourth year) while starting their MA at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.


MA Programmes at the Graduate Institute

Students can choose from one of the Institute's six MA programmes, based on prior study focus:

Students with very limited or no knowledge of the French language will be required to study French during their time in Geneva.


    Application and Admission

    NB: Only students duly nominated by our partner institutions are eligible to apply.

    • Once students are nominated for the BA-MA programme, they must submit their application through a special link provided by the home institution. 
    • Students will be responsible for meeting all application requirements and submitting all materials to the Graduate Institute in Geneva. 
    • The regular deadline for this application is 15 January
    • Admission to the programme is not final until the Graduate Institute approves the applicant’s file according to its evaluation and selection procedure.


    Tuition Fees and financial aid

    • Year 1 of MA programme: Students will pay tuition fees to their home institutions.
    • Year 2 of MA programme: Students will pay all tuition and fees to the Graduate Institute. During this year, students are eligible to apply for need-based financial aid at the Institute. To be considered candidates must submit their financial aid request at the same time as their initial application to the programme. Subsequent requests will not be considered.



    For more information and to request an application, please contact:

    • For China Foreign Affairs University:
      Ms Wang Yumeng, International Program Coordinator of Foreign Affairs Office, wangyumeng@cfau.edu.cn

    • For The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Social Sciences
      Ms Joann Woo, Executive Officer, socscug@hku.hk