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The Graduate Institute proposes different options for event facilities depending on your needs.


Meeting Centre


The Centre

The Maison de la paix Meeting Centre, situated in Petals 5 and 6 of Maison de la paix, opened in 2015. A purpose-built facility for high-level events, it can host a wide range of activities with first-class levels of performance and comfort. The Centre’s strategic location within International Geneva makes it the ideal home for general assemblies, expert seminars, arbitration hearings and diplomatic negotiations.

Room layout options

  • Rectangle
  • Classroom
  • Theatre
  • U
  • Island
  • Hearing

Cutting-edge Technology

  • Audio/video recording
  • Simultaneous translation
  • Dual-screen video conference system
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
Technical specifications

Meeting room C1

Technical specifications

Meeting room C2

Technical specifications

Meeting room C3

Technical specifications

Meeting room C4

Technical specifications

Meeting room C5

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The Ivan Pictet Auditorium

The multiplicity of curves inside Maison de la paix, which does not have a single straight wall, creates original and visually stunning meeting spaces.

The 558-seat Ivan Pictet Auditorium is equipped with ultra-modern technical equipment, Matteo Grassi leather seats and a giant, high-resolution LED screen, making it an ideal venue for film screenings or presentations. 

The Auditorium can be divided into two smaller auditoriums of 348 (A1-A) and 210 (A1-B) seats.

The auditoriums are available for whole-day or half-day rentals.

Technical specifications

Auditorium A1

Technical specifications

Auditorium A1-A

Technical specifications

Auditorium A1-B

Technical specifications

Auditorium A2

Cou Meeting room flyer
Auditorium and Meeting Room Flyer

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Classrooms and meeting rooms


A range of classrooms and meeting rooms are available within Maison de la paix, capable of hosting up to 60 people. Rooms are available for a whole-day or half-day rental, and all meeting spaces are within a two-minute walk of the cafeteria, and a five-minute walk of the rooftop restaurant.

Classroom S1

Classroom S2

Classroom S3

Classroom S4

Classroom S5

Classroom S6

Classroom S7

Classroom S8

Classroom S9

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