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Centre for International Environmental Studies

Environmental Protection and Economic Growth: Challenges and Opportunities

Funding Organisation: Doc.CH – Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)
Timeline: 2023-2025
Budget: 125'503 CHF


In this project, I study the economic and environmental effects of green public spending. Understanding the effectiveness of these large and unprecedented investments in reducing emissions and protecting the environment, as well as the extent to which they can have an impact on the economy, is crucial to tailor government action against climate change.

I focus on three connected subquestions: i) Can green public investments spur economic growth? ii) Do green public investments have unintended effects for citizens? and iii) How effective are green public investments in reducing emissions. I answer to these questions exploiting novel and granular data on public expenditure in two different settings, namely Italy (questions i)) and ii)) and the United States (question iii)).

PhD Candidate, International Economics