Outgoing exchange students

Geneva Graduate Institute students enrolled in either a master or PhD programme have the opportunity to study and carry our research at a partner institution.

Our “outgoing” students will explore new cultures, different academic environments and might even learn a new foreign language. There are also potential opportunities to conduct research, either in the field or in an archival setting. 

All currently enrolled students may access resources about previous exchange experiences and general partner information.

Login using the password sent from the Exchange Programmes Office during the autumn semester.

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How it Works

  • Master students can apply to the exchange programme during the second semester of their study programme with the exchange taking place during the third semester.

  • PhD students can apply to take part in the exchange programme for one or two semesters from the successful defence of their preliminary thesis dissertation.

  • While on exchange, students continue to pay tuition fees to the Geneva Graduate Institute and are exempted from the payment of tuition fees at their host institutions.

A number of scholarship opportunities are available to PhD students who wish to carry out research abroad. 


Important Notes

  • While our exchange agreements allow for the nomination of a limited number of students between partner institutions, the final admission decision always remains with the host institution.

  • Each institution has its own language requirements and a variable number of courses taught through English. Students are advised to check this out carefully prior to applying.

  • The number of credits transferred to the student’s study programme at the Geneva Graduate Institute, for the courses followed during the exchange semester, will be determined on an individual basis by the Direction of Studies.


Participation in the exchange programme is regulated by the Institute’s Academic Regulations and Implementation Guidelines (master and PhD).

Master students:

  • may only go on an exchange during their third semester

  • must have obtained a minimum of 60 credits prior to their departure

  • are generally expected to have obtained a minimum GPA of 5 for their first semester of studies at the Institute to be nominated for the exchange programme

PhD students:

  • must have successfully defended their preliminary thesis dissertations (PTD) prior to departure


Financial Aid

Students applying for scholarships from the Geneva Graduate Institute will be assessed independently of their participation in the exchange programme; it will have no effect on eligibility or the amount of funding attributed.


Other sources of Funding for Exchange Students

Swiss European Mobility Programme
The Swiss European Mobility Programme (SEMP) through the Swiss national agency, Movetia, provides funding for Geneva Graduate Institute students participating in an exchange programme at a European partner institution (outside of Switzerland).

Eligibility conditions:

  • Nomination to a partner institution in Europe and outside Switzerland

This programme has replaced Erasmus+ in Switzerland. The funding will be awarded to eligible students who complete the required paperwork (it is not based on financial needs). The total amount of the scholarship is, in principle, CHF 1,900 (this amount may vary depending on the funds available from Movetia).

If you are interested in scholarships for internships, click here.

Nominated Students


Once you have been accepted by your host university, there are a number of things to consider and arrange. Preparing for an exchange is exciting, but it can also seem a little overwhelming.

Academic steps

  • Complete the Study Project Form and submit it along with course descriptions to exchanges@graduateinstitute.ch before 15 July. You will then receive a provisional confirmation of the credits which will be transferred to your study programme.
  • Finalise your study project within 30 days of registration at the host institution.
  • Produce a brief feedback report upon your return.

Administrative steps

  • Further to the confirmation of admission from the host institution, you should follow-up on the visa requirements, where applicable, and secure housing for the duration of the exchange programme. Your host institute will provide instructions and advice in these areas.
  • You should also inform the Office Cantonal de la Population (OCP) that you will be leaving Geneva, and follow their instructions concerning the renewal of your residence permit.

Representing the Geneva Graduate Institute

Please remember that you are a representative of the Geneva Graduate Institute during the time of your exchange programme and, as such, you should endeavour to leave a good impression at the host university.

Our exchange programmes would not be possible without the reciprocal exchange of students, so please avail of all opportunities to motivate students from your host university to apply to the Geneva Graduate Institute. We also encourage you to participate in any promotional events such as exchange programme information sessions that take place at your host institute.


Oliver Rowe HKU
I can’t recommend the semester abroad experience highly enough. It was absolutely incredible […] Breathtakingly beautiful, Hong Kong is a marvel of modern architecture and ancient nature. Of course, it’s the people you meet and the things you do that real
Oliver Rowe
University of Hong Kong
Samuel Brülisauer, LUISS
My semester in Rome was a great experience. If you want to learn the language, plunge into a different cultural context, or simply want to live in a fascinating city for a while, I highly recommend you doing an exchange.
Samuel Brülisauer
LUISS Università Guido Carli, Italy
Anton Ingstedt, Waseda
Waseda University allowed me to top off the Institute’s academic rigor with lessons from many regional experts [...] Matching such luxury with Tokyo’s ever-fluorescent streets made my semester an immersive professional and leisurely treat.
Anton Ingstedt
Waseda University
Andrea Farres, Boston
The time I spent in Boston was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. I had the chance to discover a vibrant city full of possibilities and which is academically outstanding.
Andrea Farres
Boston University, School of Law
Julien Christen, ETH
While the primary reason I wanted to go to Zurich was academic, I enjoyed a great experience in every aspect of my exchange semester. Both ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich are located among the most outstanding buildings in the city center.
Julien Christen
ETH and University of Zurich

Contact information

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