Tuition fees and financial aid packages

The Graduate Institute strives to support talented scholars from around the world.

The Institute invests considerable resources in financial aid, with the goal of attracting talented students from around the world, regardless of origin and financial ability. Tuition fees are also highly competitive.

Financial aid packages may include cost-of-living scholarships, tuition reduction and/or a paid position, in various proportions. Aid is awarded with consideration to both financial need and academic merit. A number of special scholarship opportunities are available to students who meet specific eligibility criteria.


Tuition fees


Swiss universities enjoy considerable public funding, making tuition quite reasonable when compared with fees charged at universities in the United States or Britain.




A student might be awarded one type or a combination of different types of aid.

  • Scholarships: partial or full 
  • Tuition reduction
  • Paid employment: teaching assistantships, research assistantships, administrative support positions at the Graduate Institute

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Every year, each disciplinary department will award 6 financial aid packages (combining 2 years of scholarships and 2 years of TAship) to the most highly qualified candidates to their doctoral programmes. These packages are meant to provide PhD students with funding for the entire length of their doctoral program, thus allowing them to focus on the advancement of their research and the acquisition of professional skills. 


Originally from South Sudan, Maiwen came to Switzerland with his family as the political environment in his home country made normal life impossible.

PhD Support

Discover services designed to support PhD students in their research-related activities.

Teaching Assistants


The Graduate Institute employs around 50 Teaching Assistant positions every year spread over 5 disciplinary departments and 2 interdisciplinary programmes. We offer an attractive position combining autonomy and responsibility in an international working environment and an opportunity to professional fulfilment in a dynamic setting.


Erdal Kaplan, Teaching Assistant

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