Visiting Fellows Participants Portal

This page has been designed to help you to prepare your future stay at the Graduate Institute and in Geneva. Visiting Fellows are responsible for their personal logistics including travel arrangements, accommodation and visa issues and we therefore invite you to read the information below carefully.


Address of the Graduate Institute, Geneva


Maison de la paix
Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2
1202 Geneva, Switzerland

Access Map


Costs of Living

Plan a monthly budget of at least CHF 2,000 for living costs.


List of Suggested Accommodation in Geneva


Geneva is quite a small city and most accommodation options on the list are within easy reach of the Institute (max. 30 minutes by bus or tram). We advise, nevertheless, that you ensure the early, pre-booking of your accommodation as Geneva is a busy city and securing suitable accommodation can be challenging. Please also note that living costs in Geneva are quite high.


Visa Regulations

The International Programmes Office is required to declare all Visiting Fellows of the Graduate Institute to the Migration Office (OCPM) in Geneva.

To find out whether nationals from your country require a visa to enter Switzerland, please consult the following website:

If you do not require a visa but your stay exceeds three months, you will need to apply for a residency permit.

Please follow the steps below to ensure compliance with the Swiss Migration Authorities regulations:



1. Email the Visiting Fellow Office,, at least three months prior to your arrival in Geneva and send the following:

  • M-form (send us back a scanned copy with your signature | our office will complete section 7)

  • A copy of your passport (if not submitted previously)

  • Proof of accommodation in Geneva (temporary reservation in a hotel or hostel will be sufficient at this stage)

  • Proof of revenue (bank extract or copy of scholarship)

  • Detachment letter from your home university (if applicable)

>> The visa process may take up to three months and must be approved by the migration office before your arrival in Geneva

2. Upon receipt of the approval from the OCPM to the Visiting Fellows Office, we will inform you and ask you to contact the Swiss Embassy or Consulate of your country to receive your entry visa.

3. Upon your arrival in Geneva, go to the OCPM on the scheduled day and time to receive your permit.


FOR EU CITIZENS (if the research stay exceeds three months)

1. To be handed to the International Programmes Office upon arrival at the Graduate Institute:

  • M-form (completed and signed | our office will complete section 7)

  • Two passport photos

  • A copy of your passport (if not submitted previously)

  • A copy of your letter of admission

  • A copy of your CV

  • Proof of revenue (bank extract or copy of scholarship)

  • Proof of accommodation (copy of hotel reservation or rental lease)

2. Pay the application fee for the residency permit.

3. The Visiting Fellows Office will inform you upon receipt of your residence permit.

We remain at your disposal in case you need any help throughout the process.




Any person residing in Switzerland for more than three months must obtain health insurance in Switzerland.

More information here. 



IMPORTANT: Visiting Fellows who have received a residency permit are required to inform the OCPM (, Cc about their departure, at the latest, two weeks prior to leaving by sending the departure form, duly completed. This procedure is mandatory.

Remember to cancel your insurance policy upon departure, otherwise you will continue to receive invoices.