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Democracy, nationalism and military/civilian relations in Pakistan and India

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The Fab, 4th floor of petal 2, Maison de la paix, Geneva

Join us for a unique breakfast conversation with former Chiefs of Intelligence Services of India and Pakistan. 

(Breakfast provided)

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The discussion will center on three main components: the similarities and differences between India and Pakistan in terms of democratic governance; the impact and challenges of religious nationalism; and the impact of the military and security apparatuses in both countries on democracy, governance and citizen engagement.

The following questions will guide the participant discussion:

  • How can the military and security tension between the two countries be reduced?
  • How can a climate of cooperation be fostered and encouraged by international and regional stakeholders?
  • What are the themes that can promote dialogue and reduce tensions?
  • Are there identifiable champions at the country or regional level that have a role to play in creating an environment for reconciliation?