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27 November 2023

The Institute Welcomes New Faculty

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The Institute is pleased to welcome new faculty members.

Moira V. FAUL

Moira V.

Senior Lecturer, International and Development Studies; Executive Director of NORRAG
PhD, University of Cambridge

Originally from Zimbabwe, Moira Faul is Executive Director of NORRAG and Senior Lecturer at the Geneva Graduate Institute. Prior to this post, she was Deputy Director of the Public-Private Partnership Centre at the University of Geneva and held a Visiting Research Fellowship at the UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD). In her research into global governance partnerships and education, she applies and develops concepts from theories of complex systems, power, and spaces between fields.


Stefano Guzzini


Adjunct Professor, International Relations/Political Science
PhD, European University Institute

Stefano Guzzini is the Chair of Political and Social Theory and Swiss Co-chair in International Governance at the European University Institute (on leave from the University of Uppsala and the Danish Institute for International Studies). He previously taught at Central European University and PUC-Rio de Janeiro. He served as President of the Central and East European International Studies Association and as Editor of the Journal of International Relations and Development and of International Theory and is currently Co-Editor of the Bristol Studies in International Theory.


Bernard KEO


Assistant Professor, International History and Politics (starting 1 December 2023)
PhD, Monash University

Bernard Z. Keo is an historian of modern Southeast Asia, specialising in the intertwined processes of decolonisation and nation-making in the post-World War II period. His further research interests include the Malayan Emergency, urban life in the port-cities of Southeast Asia, and transnational networks across the Malay World. He has experience in the digital humanities, having been involved in Virtual Angkor, a digital education platform which was awarded the Roy N. Rosenzweig Prize for Innovation in Digital History from the American Historical Association in 2018 and the Medieval Academy of America’s Digital Humanities and Multimedia Studies Prize in 2021.




Senior Lecturer, International History and Politics
PhD, University of California at Berkeley 

Jan Kiely is an historian of modern China coming to the Geneva Graduate Institute from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he was Professor and Director of the Centre for China Studies. Past affiliations include the Johns Hopkins University-Nanjing University Center for Chinese and American Studies, Furman University and Harvard University. Jan Kiely is Associate Editor of the journal Twentieth-Century China and Research Fellow of the Chinese University of Hong Kong-Sun Yat-sen University’s Centre for Historical Anthropology. He is currently completing a book on local, religious, health, performative and justice practices and expressions as a means to examine the marginalisation of rural communities in the twentieth century.




Associate Professor, Anthropology and Sociology
PhD, Yale University

Sociocultural anthropologist Minhua Ling uses ethnography as a basis to explore research interests around various mobility-related issues; the (re)making of inequality in everyday life; and the challenges to sustainable livelihood facing underprivileged individuals and communities. Her first book, The Inconvenient Generation: Migrant Youth Coming of Age on Shanghai’s Edge, was published in 2019, and her second book project is on the socioecological transformation in rural China after three decades of rural-urban migration and state-led urbanisation. She was previously affiliated to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Yale University, and the Institute for Advanced Study.




Associate Professor, International Relations/Political Science
PhD, Sciences Po Paris and University of Geneva (dual degree)

Lucile Maertens was previously a Senior Lecturer in Political Science and International Relations at the University of Lausanne, a Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University and a Visiting Research Fellow at King’s College London. She recently co-authored Why International Organizations Hate Politics: Depoliticizing the World (2021) and co-edited International Organizations and Research Methods: An Introduction (2023). Her current research focuses on international organisations, multilateral practices, global environmental governance and issues of temporality and (de)politicisation.




Assistant Professor, International Economics
PhD, University of Pennsylvania

Marko Mlikota joins the faculty after completing his PhD at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on time series econometrics and empirical macroeconomics. In particular, he is interested in the relation between economic dynamics and networks (e.g., prices across industries linked by supply chain relationships, or economic activity across countries linked via trade and capital flows).




Senior Lecturer, International Economics
PhD Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Joëlle Noailly is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of International Economics at the Institute. She is also Associate Professor in Environmental Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a Research Fellow at the Tinbergen Institute, as well as Co-Editor of the journal Environmental and Resource Economics. Her research focuses on a wide array of issues in environmental economics. Previously, she worked as Head of Research of the Centre for International Environmental Studies at the Geneva Graduate Institute and as Research Economist at the Dutch economic think tank CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.




Professor, MINT; Director of the Geneva Water Hub
PhD, King’s College London 

Professor Zeitoun is Director General of the Geneva Water Hub and Professor of Water Diplomacy at the Institute. He has led multiple research and water supply projects, and supported water negotiations throughout Western Asia and Africa. His research focuses on international transboundary water conflict and cooperation, the influence of armed conflict on water services, and the links between water, conflict and health. He has consulted for a wide range of humanitarian and development organisations, and authored dozens of books and journal articles. His most recent book, Reflections: Understanding Our Use and Abuse of Water, was published by Oxford University Press in 2023. 

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