Global Governance Centre
31 October 2023

Professors James Hollway and Lucile Maertens Named Co-Directors of the Global Governance Centre

Professors James Hollway and Lucile Maertens have been named the new co-directors of the Graduate Institute’s Global Governance Centre (GGC). The GGC supports research into the actors, institutions, and processes of global governance, disseminating research findings through publications, teaching, a vibrant visiting programme, and seminars for scholars and practitioners.

James Hollway Lucile Maertens

“Global governance issues are multifaceted and transversal with both short and long-term dimensions. Their study requires thinking across disciplines and beyond the walls of academia”, says Lucile Maertens. “The Global Governance Center offers a unique space to construct a nuanced understanding of global problems, to unpack current modes of governance and their limits, and to reflect on the future and potential reforms of multilateralism.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to build upon and add fresh energy to the legacy of the centre, established by Professor Tom Biersteker as the Programme for the Study of International Governance, and then as the Global Governance Centre under the co-direction of Professors Nico Krisch and Annabelle Littoz-Monnet”, says James Hollway. “We see an exciting opportunity to provide a unique space for next-generation analytic and critical thinking on the immediate and longer-term challenges of global governance in and across a wide variety of domains.”

Together, Lucile and James aim to position the centre as an interface between research and policy in International Geneva. They take over from Annabelle Littoz-Monnet, who will remain closely involved with the Centre, and thank her and her predecessors for their inspiring work.

Global Governance Centre

The Global Governance Centre is dedicated to promoting critical reflection on the institutions, orthodoxies and practices that shape and organise global governance.