02 March 2022

War is defeat - Solidarity with Ukraine

The Institute deplores the invasion of Ukraine in complete violation of the rules of international law.

War is always a defeat - a defeat for humanity. We think with sadness and solidarity of the women, men and children who have seen their lives turned upside down and their future darkened in a few hours. We admire the courage of the Ukrainian people and share the suffering of the families who have lost loved ones since 24 February.

We fully support the call of swissuniversities to European governments "to take immediate action to protect the lives and careers of Ukrainian university staff, students, researchers, and civil society actors, as well as the entire Ukrainian population.” 

During this difficult time, we are particularly attentive to our Community. We are in contact with our Ukrainian students who are currently in Switzerland to let them know that we are at their disposal for any administrative, logistical or financial questions ( Psychological support is also available ( or via this link).

We also contacted our community of Ukrainian alumni last Thursday and I would like to reiterate how much we are in solidarity with each and every one of them and their families.

This destructive and arbitrary war, with the double potential of stalemate and extension, devastating for the Ukrainian people, but also for the Russian people, can only underline the importance of international law and the values of justice, democracy and freedom to which the Institute is deeply attached. Our professors and researchers will continue to analyse the causes, issues and consequences of this war and its developments in the coming days. The next event will take place in the form of a Town Hall on Thursday 3 March at 12.15 p.m. We know that many of you are mobilised for peace and we are at your disposal to relay and amplify solidarity initiatives. 

With my best regards
Marie-Laure Salles