In 2018, the Institute established, in partnership with the Pierre du Bois Foundation for Current History, a chair in the name of Pierre du Bois, an Institute professor who passed away premat

The mission of the Pierre du Bois Chair is to bring a major scholarly contribution to the history of Europe's relations with the world through teaching, research and public debate. The Chair also pursues these aims through a series of public lectures that address Europe’s role in the nineteenth- and twentieth-century world, for example through colonialism and migration, as well as the question of how that global role conversely impacted European history itself.

The first holder of the Chair was Professor Michael Goebel, from 2018 to 2021. Since September 2021, he has been the Einstein Professor of Global History at Freie Universität, Berlin. A search for his replacement at the Graduate Institute is under way.

Pierre du Bois Foundation for Current History

The mission of the Pierre du Bois Foundation for Current History is to stimulate research in current history and support researchers and students in this field.

The Foundation seeks to promote current history through a global, international or transnational approach, while also encouraging the exploration of links between the present, past and future, as the study of history enables not only knowledge of the past but also a better understanding of the present and greater action for the future.

Moreover, the Foundation seeks to facilitate the development of international networks and the participation of young researchers in all its activities.

In addition to the Pierre du Bois Chair, the Foundation funds an annual international conference and a prize for the best PhD thesis in international history, which is awarded annually.

Transnatinal podcast

the Transimperial History Podcast

Supported by the Pierre du Bois Foundation.
While history is rooted in the past, it is also forward-looking, providing valuable insights into how we can navigate the present and future. Listen to the Podcasts and gain full access to the dossier here.