Yves Oltramare Chair

The mission of the Yves Oltramare Chair Religion and Politics in the Contemporary World is to bring a major scientific contribution to the analysis of the impact of the relationships between religion and politics on the evolution of societies and the international system.

It contributes to reinforcing dialogue and seeking responses to the problems resulting from these relationships, mainly through strong interaction with the principal stakeholders, experts and international actors (governments, non-governmental organisations, etc.) and the organisation of an annual international conference and series of lectures.  Jean-François Bayart, Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, has been Chair holder since 2015, after Professor Martin Riesebrodt, who passed away.  

Yves Oltramare

The creation of this Chair was made possible thanks to the encouragement and support of Mr Yves Oltramare, who provided funding for the Chair for ten years. Former partner of the private bank Lombard Odier & Cie, Yves Oltramare is a longtime philanthropist, particularly in the fields of art, culture, and humanitarianism. In the scientific field, he chaired the Louis Jeantet Foundation of Medicine (now Louis-Jeantet Foundation). The Institute expresses its deep gratitude to Mr Oltramare for his support, which will provide students, future international actors, a valuable contribution to their education.

Yves Oltramare Chairholder

Jean-François Bayart

Religion, politique et cinéma

Colloque International Yves Oltramare 2020

Yves Oltramare Chair


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Yves Oltramare Chair

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Yves Oltramare Chair

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Yves Oltramare Chair

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