A primary function of the Global Health Centre is to provide training and capacity building in global health diplomacy. Launched in 2007, the Global Health Centre has developed extensive experience in delivering training and education in global health diplomacy and governance, in Geneva and elsewhere, for health and international professionals from government ministries, international and non-governmental organisations, academia and the business sector at the global, regional and country level. To date, the GHC has provided capacity-building to more than 1600 individuals – mostly senior-level professionals – from more than 100 countries, with a gender balance of 54% of female participants and 46% of male.

The Global Health Centre remains unique in being located within an academic institution of higher education in international relations. It combines outstanding expertise, experience and methodologies that allow the delivery of a comprehensive and relevant learning package. Training activities are designed to meet the needs of specific audiences and to reflect the ongoing debates and discussions in global health diplomacy.

Executive Courses at the GHC

The GHC’s executive courses aim to bring together diplomatic and health professionals to understand their common interests in health as a foreign policy issue. Participants engage in a multidisciplinary learning process where they:

  • practice strategic thinking about the interface of global health;
  • understand instruments and mechanisms for global health;
  • learn about negotiating strategies from the multinational perspective;
  • enhance negotiation skills through role play;
  • engage in cross-cutting themes in global health diplomacy.

The executive courses are usually implemented in the format of one or two yearly  five-day flagship courses providing a basic introduction to Global Health, its dynamics and major negotiations, as well as several specialised courses offering more in-depth knowledge and learning opportunity on an identified topic. The topics covered in courses typically include drug policy and public health, global health instruments, and human rights.

GHC Training Graphs


GHC Alumni Network

The network aims to facilitate communication among participants through e-mail lists, build partnerships for the implementation of further activities and create a career network in GHD.


Dhamari Naidoo, Technical Officer at WHO, shares her experience
A conversation with Tetyana Bilyk, Senior External Relations Manager at DNDi
Dino Sepulveda, Head of the Department of Health in Chile, shares his experience
A chat with Njideka Nto, Medical Director at Mediclinic Arabian Ranches
An Interview with Maria Teresa Bejarano Marin, Senior Project Manager at ReAct, Uppsala University
Rajiv Tandon of India shares his experiences at the GHP
A chat with Ikenna Nwegbe, Technical Assistant to the Honorable Miniser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Marie Chantal Messier from Canada talks about Global Health Diplomacy and her GHP course
GHC Executive Course
I’ve touched upon the sensitive issue of access to medicine in the field of my work, and with the knowledge acquired during the course, I will be better equipped for further discussions at the WTO.
Marine Willemetz, delegate to agriculture TRIPS, permanent mission of Switzerland to WTO and EFTA
Executive Course on Trade Intellectual Property and Health Diplomacy, 2018

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