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Founded in 2008 by Ilona Kickbusch, a prominent public intellectual and global health expert, the Global Health Centre (GHC) focuses on research and analysis, strategic convening, and education. Over its first decade, the GHC has strengthened Geneva’s role as a capital of global health. In 2019, Ilona Kickbusch handed over leadership of the Centre to Vinh-Kim Nguyen, emergency physician and medical anthropologist, and Suerie Moon, internationally-recognised policy expert on global governance and health. Global health is currently at a crossroads, facing acute challenges from a shifting geopolitical order, weakened mulutilateralism, and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as chronic challenges such as climate change, economic inequality, migration, and armed conflicts. The Centre aims to open global health to diverse voices, knowledge and ideas, and engage critically with issues of governance, politics and power. It offers a unique meeting place for scholars and practitioners in Geneva and far beyond.

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Vinh-Kim Nguyen and Suerie Moon, Co-directors of the Global Health Centre

Open Global Health

The Global Health Centre’s commitment to the principle of "open global health" is at the core of its strategy. We believe open, inclusive governance furthers the rights and dignity of everyone whose health is affected by global governance and provides the ethical foundation for our work. We also believe it has positive practical outcomes: transparency and inclusion strengthen the legitimacy, effectiveness and accountability of global governance processes. At a critical moment in world history, with new epidemic outbreaks, climate change, and other challenges reshaping the politics and economics of many countries, we believe that more open, transparent, critical and diverse approaches to governance will improve the quality of debate, enabling a larger public to inform decision-making and to monitor realities on the ground – thus, improving health policies and outcomes.

Open Global Health


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The Centre’s work focuses on five global health themes



We welcome applications from scholars with confirmed financial support seeking a research stay at the GHC as visiting research fellows.

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If you are seeking information about the Global Health Centre and its activities or would like to organise an interview with experts from the Centre, please contact globalhealth@graduateinstitute.ch.