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PhD in International Economics


The PhD programme in international economics offers a rigorous and stimulating course of study where you will develop research skills allowing you to contribute to expanding knowledge with a policy orientation. Our faculty has expert knowledge over a wide range of issues in international economics, including international trade, the impact of globalization, international financial markets, sustainable finance and macroeconomic policy design. Professors have active connections with economic policy institutions and bring you exposure to the latest debates in policy circles.

The program is structured around a series of core courses as well as a series of specialized courses. In addition, several students follow the training program of the Gerzensee Study Center. Our high faculty to student ratio, collegial atmosphere among students, and a range of research and policy seminars ensure that you will develop a solid set of skills and insights. The blend of technical skills and policy analysis that you will gain will prepare you for careers in international economics, both in policy institutions and academia, where recent graduates have secured highly competitive positions.

PhD in International Economics Curriculum 2023-24

PhD in International Economics

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PhD in International Economics

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PhD in Development Economics


Our four-year PhD programme offers a stimulating environment in which highly-qualified graduates can develop research skills that will enable them to contribute to knowledge in the field of Development Economics with a policy orientation. Our faculty focuses on a wide-range of topics, from global macroeconomic issues, such as the determinants of economic growth, to microeconomic work on financial inclusion, gender, education, health, SME development, sustainable finance and migration.

Our programme provides a rigorous training that includes highly technical courses in addition to specialized courses, which are taught in small groups. PhD students also have the opportunity to contribute to teaching, policy seminars and research activities at the Institute and will be well prepared to participate and present in international conferences.

Through this process, we aim at preparing young economists who are sought-after by academic institutions, international organisations and the private sector. Recent graduates have been successful in securing highly competitive jobs in each of these areas.

PhD in Development Economics Curriculum 2023-24

PhD courses open to students from other Swiss universities


The International Economics Department welcomes participants from Swiss universities in its PhD courses.  

With this initiative, the Department wishes to provide PhD students working in international economics in Switzerland an opportunity to interact and develop a community with their peers.  

We offer courses in Development Economics, International Trade and International Macro/Finance. These courses are organised in the form of modules concentrated over consecutive days to allow students to participate on-site. Remote access will also be provided. 

Students are welcome to take the course for ECTS credits or to participate as auditors.

If you are interested in one or more courses, please send a message to ei@graduateinstitute.ch.

PhD Programme

PhD courses open to students from other Swiss universities

We offer courses in Development Economics, International Trade and International Macroeconomics and Finance.