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The Graduate Institute's Centre for Finance and Development (CFD) is co-organising four high-level CFD Series:



The CFD Sovereign Debt Series

CFD aims at transfering knowledge from theory to practice on Sovereign Debt related topics.



The CFD Sustainable Finance Series

CFD organises high-level conferences to promote fundamental and applied research on financial development as a means for inclusive growth and provides networking among academic researchers, policymakers, practitioners, market participants and social entrepreneurs.



The CFD - IFIs Reports Series

CFD serves as a forum for the main international financial institutions (IFIs) and international organisations to present their annual or quaterly reports.



The CFD Macro History Series

CFD collaborates with an international network of top universities and brings macroeconomic history topics to an interested public on a weekly basis.


Find more information under the respective sections below.

CFD Sovereign Debt Series

Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference (Debtcon)


The first Interdisciplinary Sovereign Debt Research and Management Conference (DebtCon) was launched at the Institute of International Economic Law (IIEL) at Georgetown University in January 2016. Its mission is to engage scholars and practitioners across geographic, disciplinary, and institutional boundaries to help solve pressing sovereign debt problems.

DebtCon brings cutting-edge research to bear on policy and market practice, and helps make research more impactful with exposure to real-world policy and market experience.

  • DebtCon 6 - Princeton University (April 27-29, 2023)

DebtCon6 Call for papers


  • DebtCon 5 - European University Institute, Fiesole, Italy (May 25-27, 2022)

Debtcon 5 programme and recordings


  • DebtCon 4 (D-DebtCon) - Online, Distributed in 9 Countries (September 7-September 18, 2020)

10 September 2020: Sovereign Debt and Financial History (The Graduate Institute Geneva) (Programme & Slides) (Video), featuring Edwin M. Truman (Peterson Institute for International Economics), Elena L. Daly (Global Sovereign Advisory), Ugo Panizza (The Graduate Institute), Mark Walker (Guggenheim Partners), Rui Esteves (The Graduate Institute), Simon Hinrichsen (LSE), Catherine Schenk (University of Oxford) and Nathan Sussman (The Graduate Institute).

D-DebtCon (debtcon 4) materials   D-DebtCon Recordings


  • DebtCon 3 - Georgetown Law, Washington (April 11-12, 2019)

DebtCon 3 Programme    DebtCon 3 recordings


DebtCon 2 Programme


  • DebtCon 1 - Georgetown Law, Washington (January 21-22, 2016)

DebtCon 1 Programme

CFD sustainable Finance Series

1st Annual Conference of the Private Sector Development Research Network - Private Enterprise and Inclusion (12–13 December 2019)


Below, find the videos of some of the high-level panel segments of the conference.

Conference programme

This conference was co-organised with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the CDC Group, the International Growth Centre (IGC), IDB Invest, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the Center for Global Development and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).

Development Finance Institutions – Role and Challenges in Promoting Inclusion: Panel discussion with Caroline Ashley, Liz Lloyd, Neil Gregory, Alan Rousso and Ugo Panizza (12 December 2019)
Measuring Investment Impact on Inclusion: Panel discussion with Emmanuelle Javoy, Alessandro Maffioli, Issa Faye, Miguel Laric and Leonardo Iacovone (13 December 2019)
What Have We Learnt about Making Private Investment in Emerging Markets More Inclusive? Keynote speech by Jane Nelson, Harvard Kennedy School (13 December 2019)
Pushing the Knowledge Frontier on Private Sector Development and Inclusion: Panel discussion with Nancy Lee, Dirk Willem te Velde, Debora Revoltella and Paddy Carter (13 December 2019)
Private Sector Development and Inclusion: Closing remarks by Hans Peter Lankes, IFC Vice-President (13 December 2019)

International Conference on Blended Development Finance and the New Industrial Policy (8-9 November 2018)


Watch the recordings of the two high-level panels (below).

Listen to all the other recorded sessions

Conference programme with links to papers and presentations (PDF, 386 KB)

This conference was co-organised with the Center for Global Development and the CDC Group.

Development Finance Institutions at the Crossroads with Nancy Birdsall, Colin Buckley, Alan Rousso and John Lipsky (8 November 2019)
Lessons from Blended Finance with Paddy Carter, Nancy Lee, Liang Wang, Kathryn Imboden, Shanaz Patel and Maria Teresa Zappia (9 November 2019)

SSES Annual Congress 2019 on Sustainable Development (13–14 JUNE 2019)


The special theme of the Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics (SSES) Annual Congress 2019 was Sustainable Development.

Full 2019 programme (PDF, 350 KB)

Programme Commitee 2019

SSES mission is to promote and advance economic research in Switzerland and to improve the collaboration between the domestic and international research community. An important focus lies also on the promotion of young economist by providing them with the appropriate platform to present their scientific work.

SSES also publishes the Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, an open access academic journal published quarterly (ISSN 0303-9692).

CFD - IFI's Reports Series

World Bank's Global Economic Prospects


The Centre for Finance and Development (CFD), the World Bank, and the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) have hosted several online discussions on the World Bank’s latest Global Economic Prospects Report.

24 February 2022: Slowing Growth, Rising Risks

28 January 2021: A Subdued Recovery

25 June 2020: Pandemic and Crisis

Recording of "Global Economic Prospects: A Subdued Recovery" (28 January 2021)

OECD's Social Impact Investment


18 June 2019: The Impact Imperative for Sustainable Development

Presented by Karen Wilson,  Senior Advisor, Well-Being, Inclusion, Sustainability and Equal Opportunity (WISE) Centre, OECD


CFD MACRO history Series

International Macro History Online Seminar (IMHOS)


The International Macroeconomic History Online Seminar Series (IMHOS), jointly organised by the Graduate Institute's Centre for Finance and Development, the Centre for Economic Policy Research and a consortium of numerous other universities and institutions from around the world (see below), aims to keep the flow of intellectual debate active and to bring macroeconomic history topics to an interested public on a weekly basis.

Current IMHOS Participant Institutions: Banque de France, Centre for Economic Policy Research, European Association of Banking HistoryEuropean Historical Economics SocietyThe Graduate Institute GenevaJoint Center for History and Economics, Harvard UniversityHebrew University of JerusalemJudge Business School CambridgeKiel Institute for the World EconomyKing’s College LondonLondon School of EconomicsNYU-Abu DhabiParis School of EconomicsPrinceton UniversityQueen’s University BelfastRutgers UniversitySciences Po, Santa Clara UniversitySolvay Business SchoolUniversitat de BarcelonaUniversity Carlos III MadridUniversity College LondonUniversity of California, Berkeley, University of California, DavisUniversity of GenevaUniversity of MichiganUniversity of PennsylvaniaUniversity of ViennaVienna University of Economics and Business and Yale University.

  • Fall 2022 (31 August to 7 December 2022)

The seminars takes place virtually bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 17:00 (Geneva time). The seminars will run for 60 minutes with an extra optional 15 minutes for further discussion.

 fall 2022 seminar registration

  • Spring 2022 (9 February to 4 May 2022)

The video recordings and papers of the Spring & Fall 2021 sessions are made available by our partner CEPR through the below links.

spring 2022 programme & video recordings

  • Spring 2021 (17 February to 12 May 2021) and Fall 2021 (22 September to 15 December 2021)

The video recordings and papers of the Spring & Fall 2021 sessions are made available by our partner CEPR through the below links.

spring 2021 and fall 2022 Video recordings   programmes

  • Fall 2020 (23 September to 9 December 2020)

Find below the recordings, papers and slides of the Fall 2020 sessions.



Session 1: "Black Swans, Dragon Kings and Gray Rhinos: The World War of 1914-1918 and the Pandemic of 2020-?" with Niall Ferguson (23 September 2020)
Session 2: "The Role of Sentiment in the Economy of the 1920s" with Ali Kabiri & Harold James (30 September 2020)
Session 3: "Hidden Wealth" with Neil Cummins (7 October 2020)
Session 4: "How Vulture Investors Draft Constitutions: North and Weingast 30 years Later" with Marc Flandreau (14 October 2020)
Session 5: "Understanding Persistence" with Morgan Kelly (21 October 2020)
Session 6: "When Property Rights Are Not Enough: Lessons from Renaissance Florence" with Francesca Trivellato
Session 7: "The Berlin Stock Exchange in the ‘Great Disorder’" with Caroline Fohlin (4 November 2020)
Session 8: "Corporate Finance of Industry in a Developing Economy: Panel Evidence from Imperial Russia" with Amanda Gregg (11 November 2020)
Session 9: "What Determines the Capital Share over the Long Run of History?" with Daniel Waldenström (18 November 2020)
Session 10: "Human Development in the Age of Globalisation" with Leandro Prados de la Escosura (25 November 2020)
Session 11: "The Effects of Banking Competition on Growth and Financial Stability: Evidence from the National Banking Era" with Mark A. Carlson (2 December 2020)
Session 12: "Contagion of Fear" with Kris James Mitchener & Gary Richardson (9 December 2020)

European Macro History Online Seminar (21 April – 9 June 2020)


What can we learn from the economic effects of the 1918 flu pandemic and the public health measures taken back then? What measures did countries successfully use in the past to recover from economic depressions? What are the long-term economic effects of different inheritance rules?

These were some of the questions addressed by economic history experts in our European Macro History Online Seminar, jointly organised by the Graduate Institute's Centre for Finance and Development (CFD) and a consortium of sixteen other institutions.





Session 1: "What Happened to the US Economy During the 1918 Influenza Pandemic? A View Through High-Frequency Data" with François Velde, Senior Economist and Research Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (21 April 2020)
Session 2: "Pandemics Depress the Economy, Public Health Interventions Do Not: Evidence from the 1918 Flu" with Stephan Luck, Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (28 April 2020)
Session 3: "The Ends of 30 Big Depressions" with Kevin O'Rourke, Professor of Economics at NYU Abu Dhabi (5 May 2020)
Session 4: "Napoleon’s Gift: Labor Shortages and Technology Adoption in England, 1790-1815" with Hans-Joachim Voth, Professor of Macroeconomics and Financial Markets at the University of Zurich (12 May 2020)
Session 5: "The economic effects of the English enclosures" with James A. Robinson, Reverend Dr. Richard L. Pearson Professor at the University of Chicago (19 May 2020)
Session 6: "Export Booms and Labor Coercion: Evidence from the Lancashire Cotton Famine" with Mohamed Saleh, Professor of Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics (26 May 2020)
Session 7: "The Long-Term Effects of Equal Sharing: Evidence from Historical Inheritance Rules for Land" with Charlotte Bartels, Post-doctoral researcher at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) (2 June 2020)
Session 8: "International Banks: Re-Agents of Globalization?" with Christopher Meissner, Professor of Economics at the University of California, Davis (9 June 2020)

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