The 2021 Advancing Development Goals International Contest for Graduate Students aims to present innovative and pragmatic solutions to address the challenges of crisis management.

Currently, as the world faces unparalleled levels of challenges, there seems to be no end to the many crises that permeate borders, such as, world hunger, poverty, conflict, climate shocks, migration, unemployment and more recently the pandemic, we are currently facing.

While these crises may affect and slow down the progress on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, they also provide new opportunities to make progress towards the Development Goals. Responding to these crises requires both a global response and sustainable efforts at the local and national levels to tailor strategies and response mechanisms that resolve current crises and avert future ones. With much uncertainty, spewed by crises around the world, the ‘Advancing Development Goals Contest’ calls upon graduate students from around the globe to embrace these crises as opportunities and devise innovative solutions to effectively manage them and advance the development goals.



Meet the winners of the Geneva Challenge 2021

1st Prize

Project BuyBy

Team from North America and Oceania

2nd Prize

Project Motirõ São Paulo. The Learning Network for Crisis Response

Team from Latin America

Project DAAN

Team from Asia

3rd Prize

Project WADABA: Water Data Bank

Team from Africa

Project ARDE' - How to manage climate change crisis one meal at a time

Team from Europe