About us

Research and Publications

  • Building on the seminal insights of Albert O. Hirschman, research at the Centre explores changing forms of civic engagement that produce new configurations of "voice" and "exit”

  • We conduct research on the everyday practices of democratic politics, citizens' aspirations and dissatisfactions with liberal values, institutions and elites.

  • We publish and disseminate research for an academic readership, policy audiences, the media and the general public.



  • We organise public lectures, academic conferences and workshops.

  • We promote and host a large number of activities in the context of the Geneva Democracy Week.


international partnerships

  • The Centre promotes collaborative activities with academic institutions, international organisations as well as with partners in Geneva, in Switzerland and worldwide.


engagement with the institute's research community

  • Our PhD colloquium series provides a regular opportunity to discuss and comment on work across disciplines.

  • We organise a series of activities to facilitate cross-disciplinary conversation on democratic practices and to foster interdisciplinary communities.